Divorce is an emotionally charged, legally complex process. Important decisions must be made in the best interests of you and your children. You need a divorce lawyer who is both aggressive in protecting your rights and compassionate in handling your case.

Since 1977, Marietta divorce attorney Michael D. McChesney has focused his Georgia-based legal practice exclusively on family law. He cares about his clients. He takes the time to get to know them. Simply stated, Michael D. McChesney treats them like members of his own family.At the initial consultation, Michael D. McChesney will discuss your issues and concerns related to a possible divorce. Identifying specific needs and problems allows him to provide personalized representation and present options to them. One of those options is to discuss the possibility of not pursuing a divorce. He strives to understand the conflicts and events that resulted in them visiting his office. Believing that family is important, Mr. McChesney will communicate all choices before you, including potential reconciliation.If you still feel that divorce is the best option, Michael D. McChesney will address your concerns regarding costs and affordability, length of the process, child custody, and protection of assets. Throughout the course of your case, we will encourage you to be an active participant and update you on the progress of your divorce every step of the way. The objective is to minimize the emotional trauma to you and your children.Over time Michael D. McChesney's law office has evolved into resolving divorces through negotiation and compromise. Where divorce was once taken into the courtroom, now we strive to find agreement through less contentious methods. In fact, the state of Georgia requires mediation before a trial is even considered.

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